Reetta Peltonen joins Kraftvaerk

Kraftvaerk welcomes 10 new colleagues

October 24, 2019

Today, a new sales director starts at Kraftvaerk's office in Finland. She will be the tenth colleague to join the Kraftvaerk Group in the past few months. The recruitment is a result of increased interest, nationally as well as globally.

Kraftvaerk is catching the eye of more and more people. Since the summer holidays, several new global clients have been added, which has attracted several new competent employees. At Group level, 10 new colleagues have been hired, with the latest desk being set up in Finland. Here, the office chair is being filled by an experienced sales director, Reetta Peltonen, who will support existing clients and at the same time follow up on new sales areas such as Episerver, which is a growth area in Finland.

We are pleased to have Reetta on board to boost our growth and support our clients. She has solid experience in using technologies to improve client business across industries. Reetta has previously worked as a Sales Director at Knowit Experience and before that at the global B2B company Ahlstrom with a focus on business development, digital communication and marketing. We are convinced that by combining our business understanding with technological knowledge, we will strengthen our setup in Finland. Especially Reetta's previous experience with Episerver is something we look forward to sharing with new and existing clients in Finland

— Jesse Julkunen, CEO of Kraftvaerk Finland Oy.

I look forward to working with my new colleagues at Kraftvaerk and our partners. In Finland, we will, to a much greater extent, strengthen our business and partnerships through joint events and initiatives. In fact, there are already several in the making that I look forward to. We hope that companies and organizations will use these opportunities to get advice on how to use technology to create growth

— Reetta Peltonen, the new Sales Director at Kraftvaerk Finland Oy, welcomes the collaboration

Shall we develop together?

Reetta Peltonen

Engagement Director

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