Data-driven personalisation drives customer power.

We all have customers who want to be seen, remembered and communicated to individually.

Data-driven personalisation is simply about – based on data – presenting the company's target groups with relevant products and services on the company's website that accurately reflect the needs of its users. The result is even more satisfied customers, because they meet with content they can use. Kraftvaerk has extensive experience creating the greatest possible relevance on the user's terms, based on advanced technology that optimises the experience.

91 % of consumers are more likely to trade with brands that recognise, remember and offer relevant offers and recommendations.

— Accenture, 2018 Personalization Pulse Check​

Who is the target group? What is important to them? What are they looking for? Where can it be achieved? How can we measure it?

Kraftvaerk has tools that make data-driven personalisation tangible. Pragmatic personalisation and the business development model Personalisation Maturity Model make It simple and manageable to create personalised content based on data. Instead of making the process unnecessarily complex, we are simplifying the personalisation process. Start by assessing: What stage are you at? What is your ammunition in a changing market? How do you integrate things like, for example, collecting data, technology and scalability in your business? Where are you in 5 years?

One size fits few.

Data-driven personalisation is on the agenda in many business premises. With good reason. There is sound reason in offering a customer experience that is 'one-to-one' rather than 'one-to-many'. You build brand loyalty. You get knowledge to understand the needs of your visitors. You can care for and convert visitors. You accelerate registrations and sign-ups. You can make additional sales and cross-sell products. Among other things. 

Retailers report that successful implementation of personalisation can increase revenue by as much as 7.6 %

— Art & Science, of Personalization 2018

Putting customers first.


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