We have become SKI suppliers

We are proud to announce that in May 2023 we have become official suppliers on SKI agreement 02.06 Standardsoftware – category 2.

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<h1>We have become SKI suppliers</h1>
<p>We are proud to announce that in May 2023 we have become official suppliers on SKI agreement 02.06 Standardsoftware – category 2.</p>

One of the primary reasons for digitalising the public sector in Denmark is reduction in time. As such, digitalisation becomes an important tool in solving the challenge related to the lack of labour within the public sector. And the willingness to invest in digitalisation is something we have noticed.

We experience an ongoing and increasing interest from the public sector and we see many exciting opportunities where we can improve the public sector through software and digital processes. Therefore, we are proud to announce that we in May 2023 have become official providers on SKI 02.06 Standardsoftware – category 2. SKI handles tenders on behalf of public organisations in Denmark and it helps public organisations save time from having to spend too many administrative resources on procurement agreements.

“The new SKI agreement is one among several strategic goals towards realising our long-term ambitions,” says Christian Jensen, VP of Engagement at Kraftvaerk, and continues:“We are already well represented in the public sector with clients such as Rejsekort & Rejseplan, DOT, Danish Defence, Aalborg Municipality and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and entering this SKI agreement only improves our collaboration as it becomes easier for our existing clients to renegotiate and/or enter new agreements with us. Furthermore, we can also offer our clients a different dialogue and service which we previously have been missing. So, it is with great pleasure that we now have become SKI providers.”

Today SKI 02.06 is an integrated and natural part of procurement in public organisations, municipalities, government agencies and ministries in Denmark. Thus, the framework agreement makes up an essential means in our daily dialogue and collaboration with many of our public clients. Moreover, the agreement brings along a stamp of quality which enables us to enter dialogues and provide advisory to public clients which were inaccessible before. As SKI providers we can offer consultancy within five service categories regarding:

  • Standard software

  • Support and maintenance

  • Installation, implementation and configuration

  • Training in standard software

  • Guidance in relation to acquiring and/or use of standard software

Why we have decided to become an SKI supplier

We see great potential in being an SKI supplier. Not only for us, but also for our clients and partners. As a supplier on SKI agreements, we secure compliance with public legislation in accordance with our use of international best practice tools and processes to provide efficiency and competitive pricing.

Furthermore, with SKI agreements in place the EU procurement obligations are exempt, which reduces time, money and resources for our public clients, benefitting Danish society and welfare. It also makes it easier for us to continue our collaboration with existing clients, as well as allowing us to enter larger projects without an extensive tender process.

Additionally, SKI is working for procurements contracts that are beneficial for our future and our planet. They have a strong focus on climate, the environment and zero tolerance for laundering, bribery and child labour to mention a few. A strong focus that we take pride in living by.