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<h1>Fast fuel on <span class="text-athletic-green">digital development</span></h1>
<p><span class="text-athletic-green">Q8 &amp; OKQ8</span></p>


Q8/OKQ8 delivers products and services for drivers in terms of both fossil and renewable fuel, car equipment and a wide range of other services and products to the b2c and b2b market. Today’s competition is fierce and every day Q8/OKQ8 is under constant pressure regarding fuel prices and retail margins. Meanwhile, the growing use of electric vehicles is transforming the industry. To remain competitive Q8/OKQ8 wants to improve their many services through digitalisation and ensure ongoing accessibility for their customers across the Nordics.


Together with Q8/OKQ8 we meet these challenges with a strong digital roadmap to support and transform customer relationships and ensure a successful digital transition. We are developing corporate websites, mobile applications, b2b and b2c self-service portals, online product catalogues and an e-commerce solution that constitutes Q8/OKQ8’s omnichannel set-up. The results are enhanced growth, stronger profitability, improved customer satisfaction and higher employee engagement.


Every day, thousands of customers visit the digital platform that combines OKQ8’s Scandinavian activities. With the merger between Q8 Danmark A/S and Swedish OK-Q8 AB, it is necessary to bring the two business together on a single, solid platform. We develop a fully integrated website for all Q8/OKQ8’s products and services, which makes Q8/OKQ8 a digital forerunner in the industry. At the heart of Q8/OKQ8’s digital ecosystem is the Sitecore Experience Platform. From here, we create integrations to various digital self-service solutions, databases and services, which we're developing together with Q8/OKQ8.

To support Q8/OKQ8’s digital transformation we provide advice and digital development and assist in making it agile and customer-focused with the right system setup and organisation. As part of the transformation we are developing a wide range of digital self-services solutions that supports the customers’ interaction with Q8/OKQ8 and improves the customer experience.

OKQ8 Desktop 990 600
OKQ8 Mobile 300 540

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