Fixing public transportation for +200,000 young Danes

Rejsekort & Rejseplan A/S

This is a story of digital mobility, trust and collaboration. Since 2012, Kraftvaerk has been the tech architect and partner behind “Mit Ungdomskort”, “Skolekort” and Rejsekort Cloud, which are all part of Rejsekort & Rejseplan A/S with +3 million users.

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<h1><span class="text-athletic-green">Fixing public transportation</span> for +200,000 young Danes</h1>
<p><span class="text-athletic-green">Rejsekort &amp; Rejseplan A/S</span></p>
<p>This is a story of digital mobility, trust and collaboration. Since 2012, Kraftvaerk has been the tech architect and partner behind “Mit Ungdomskort”, “Skolekort” and Rejsekort Cloud, which are all part of Rejsekort &amp; Rejseplan A/S with +3 million users.</p>


Making 7 companies and 200,000 daily commuters happy

Ticket to ride: By law, Denmark’s 7 major public transportation companies work together to offer one simple, user-friendly, and secure self-service solution to all young Danes. However, each organisation has its own systems, apps (i.e. DOT, DSB, Midttrafik), data models, payment providers, documentation needs, schools to communicate with etc. A complex mission, and an even more complex roadmap and architecture. Exactly how we like it.


One self-service platform for easy mobility

Tailored digital experiences are in high demand, especially among the youth. We've answered the call. When young commuters order their Youth Card, our system automatically crunches the numbers, factoring in address, school, duration, provider, and delivery method (app, Rejsekort, or plastic card) to calculate the price and fulfil the order. It's a complex dance behind the scenes, but all they see is simplicity. Easy digital mobility, just the way they want it.

A crucial pillar of a well-functioning society

Every day, moving people from A and B is the lifeblood of any thriving community. It's not just a transportation solution; it's a human right.

Meet SuSy – the Subsidised Season Pass Sales System, powered by Rejsekort & Rejseplan A/S, and used by seven different public transportation companies. SuSy is Denmark's digital ticketing solution for young people, covering buses, trains, metros, and S-trains.

Since 2012, we've been the driving force behind SuSy, crafting it into a reliable and efficient system. We've woven together data sources, smooth API integrations, and the Rejsekort Cloud, all while keeping a close ear to the needs of the seven stakeholders.

The track record? Since launch, we've served approximately 1 million card requests and renewals annually. More than 10 million in total.

Without a severe breakdown or data breach. SuSy and Rejsekort keep the young people of Denmark moving.

“Kraftvaerk is our knowledge centre, trusted adviser and one of our key tech partner when it comes to delivering applications for students in Denmark.”

- Lene Brinckmann
Rejsekort & Rejseplan A/S

11 hidden steps that get you on the bus, train, metro and rail

There’s a hidden complexity behind all simple solutions.

The whole Rejsekort cloud system rests on a solid cloud-native, micro-service architecture in Microsoft Azure.

We monitor uptime using Flown and AppDynamics, we test and handle incidents and cyber security, we do code reviews, and we plan and deploy new features and requests together with the team from Rejsekort & Rejseplan A/S and their other partners. It’s a great collaboration – with ambition and a clear roadmap.

The SuSy system integrates seamlessly with a number of different systems, where cross-coordination, API’s and data flows are key:

  • Login with MitID (the nationwide Danish digital ID)

  • Secure address information from CPR (personal identification number)

  • Transport data from the Agency for Institutions and Education Support

  • Prices and addresses from Rejseplanen and HaCon's GVSS system

  • KMD student and IST for the addresses of transported students

  • Payment solutions from Nets and Billwerk+

  • Rejsekort's OpenAPI from RCS for card assurance and card

  • Production status as well as invoicing reports

  • Data sent to Rejsekort

  • DSB's card issuing system and price calculation system

  • Midttrafik app, DSB’s mobile app or DOT’s mobile app

Giving 7 companies flexibility in a joint platform

7 different transportation companies are the customers of the SuSy system. Each with their own end-users, data, it-systems, apps, payment providers, regulations, budgets and wish lists for the future.

Though sharing the same platform, every transport organisation can handle and customise their own products through parameter management in the SuSy system. The rest is handled by API integrations and smooth data flows. And a bit of diplomacy between the seven companies.

With more than 200.000 School and Youth Cards for transportation issued and a lot of them being renewed every 30 days, the SuSy system needs to be reliable, handle high loads and peak periods, and issue all travel cards within the given timeframe.

It does.

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