Your digital business. Our competence.

Tell us about your challenge, and based on our many specialised skills we will find a solution. You can see more about our skills here. We promise to listen – and only develop what you need.


E-commerce. A growing service for B2C and B2B 

It's true. E-commerce is still growing significantly. Having a webshop developed is a strategic choice that can grow your business. We develop webshops customised to your business, your users and our shared future. We create integrations between systems and data, so the solution becomes an integrated part of your business. We develop webshops on the following technical platforms: Episerver, Sitecore, uCommerce.

Digital self-service. Because we want to, can and are already doing it ourselves

Kraftvaerk was developing digital self-service solutions long before they were on the agenda in the Danish Parliament. Today, there is an element of self-service in basically everything that we develop. This is a natural development in a time when more and more people want to, can and are already doing things themselves.


Corporate website. Your digital business begins here

We develop corporate websites that tie your business together and create strong digital user experiences for your clients. Based on your business, we provide advice on the choice of technical platform, and we ensure a solid development and implementation that both you and we can be proud of. We base our CMS solutions on the following: Episerver, Sitecore, Umbraco, BloomReach and Sitefinity.


PIM. A necessary overview

Get an overview of your products with PIM – a Product Information Management system. From here you can manage information about individual products, keep product data updated and quickly execute changes in product information. No matter how large the quantities, or how many markets are involved:

  • Effective handling of product information
  • Fast time to market to all sales channels
  • Optimal management of local and global product ranges

We provide PIM solutions on the platforms inRiver and Struct.

What shall we develop together? Here is a selection of what we can help you with 

Kraftvaerk's roots are based on craft, passion and knowledge. Specifically, this means that you, as a client, will not be offered a run-of-the-mill solution, a one-size-fits-all solution, or a solution that possesses no visible value creation at the end of the deliberations. Statistically, this also means that you will stay our client for a number of years. We often hear that our clients stay, because they get access to skills they have not found elsewhere. What shall we develop together?