Algol is a finnish family-owned business and a milti-branch company importing and selling thousands of different products for industrial and healthcare sectors.

Better digital customer experience to support the business

Algol is a Finnish family-owned business and a multi-branch company, which has been active in international trade since 1894. Algol imports and sells thousands of different products for industrial and healthcare sectors. The Algol Group has a global network of partners and is present in twelve different countries.

The new Algol website has been created using Sitefinity website publishing tools in collaboration with Kraftvaerk. Kraftvaerk works closely with Algol's communication team, constantly developing the functionality and usability of the Sitefinity publishing platform.

We want to give website visitors a clear idea of who we are and what we do. For example, the broad structure of the Algol Group is now more visible on the homepage, where we have included news, articles and blogs from our subsidiaries. In addition, instead of having to navigate on multiple levels, the website now has only a main menu under which all the essential information can be found. The service experience among clients is increasingly formed online. At the same time, the user experience is compared to other websites, which is why a premium and modern online presence is absolutely vital today

— Nina Hedberg, Communications Manager at Algol Oy

Continuous development based on business requirements

The Algol website has been fully redesigned 2019. The new changes include a brand-new look. The aim of the redesign was to improve usability and visual clarity, as well as to highlight better the Algol Group’s subsidiaries.

As an active and responsible owner, Algol strives to support and develop its subsidiaries that represent different business areas. Accordingly, the new website is part of the Algol Group’s comprehensive website development project.

Shall we develop together?

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CEO Finland

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