Digital user experience sells homes

A long and fruitful relationship between home and Kraftvaerk has constributed to a strong digital presence, which has been part of keeping home at the top of the Danish housing market since 2010.


home is among the four largest real estate managers in Denmark. Keeping that position in the market takes a strong digital presence, which manages to create qualitative leads, paving the way for estimates, showings and, not least of all, sales. Since 2010 home and Kraftvaerk have worked together on home’s digital platform. The purpose has been to ensure a digital presence that keeps up with the times regarding design and technology. We are continuously working to update and further develop home’s Umbraco platform, so it measures up to modern demands and expectations. Among other things, this had led to continuous updates of Umbraco, hosting on the cloud and implementation of redesigns.

High Performance. Every day

home gets a sizable part of their leads from the website, and estimate leads in particular are a core part of home staying competitive. For this reason, high performance is essential, to avoid negatively impacting competitiveness.

800.000 – 1 mil. visits every week

The Danish housing market is seeing a lot of activity, and homes and being bought and sold at high speeds. The search for new homes is primarily happening digitally, which means that the presentation online needs to look good, load fast and be correct. This necessitates strong coding, which ensures high performance and data security.

Home on its way to Azure Cloud

A booming housing market demands a setup designed to deliver during periods of high traffic. That is why home’s digital platform is being migrated to Azure, which scales according to what is needed.

“There is no doubt that our website is integral to our business. We make a living from leads, and here our digital platform and presence plays a major role. We have been working with Kraftvaerk for more than 11 years, and there is no doubt that this partnership has had a positive influence on home’s business.”

— Claus S. Makholm, IT-project leader, home


home prioritizes keep up with new developments, and makes sure to continuously update their Umbraco platform, so it can keep up with the times. Kraftvaerk developed the first version of home’s digital platform on Umbraco 4. We have since upgraded to Umbraco 6 and developed a new solution for Umbraco 7. In addition, home has been through two redesigns, both of which Kraftvaerk has implemented on the Umbraco platform.

Functions and Integrations

home and Kraftvaerk have worked together for more than 11 years. The platform used to incorporate large amounts of business logic, which has since been separated into external systems. Today, the solution integrates to external industry systems, which handle home’s business- and housing data.


home is moving from on-prem to being hosting in Azure Cloud. This provides home with several benefits. Among other things, Azure scales according to needs, minimizes the risk of downtime and ensures a fast user experience. In addition, the shift means that home will no longer have any maintenance, as compared to physical servers, and that they are able to deploy from test to live for themselves.

“Kraftvaerk are competent and good at both frontend and backend development. They live up to the expectations we have at home, and we are given high quality solutions. We are highly satisfied with both the partnership and the deliveries.”

— Claus S. Makholm, IT-project leader, home

Maintaining market position

home's digital platform is never standing still, and home understands the necessity of prioritizing the development of their digital presence. The platform generates estimates and showings, and their continuous digital development is a significant part of why home is able to maintain their market position. Working closely together, Kraftvaerk and home are continuously developing the Umbraco platform. This partnership is built on close relations, where there is room to challenge and spar with each other, all with a view towards working together to create the best digital solution for home.

Putting customers first

Jeppe Skaarup

Senior Engagement Manager​

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