Less food waste in the municipality of Rebild.

The recipe for reducing food waste is primarily better data management. Those are the words from the production kitchen of Rebild municipality, who prepare food for the municipality’s citizens with dementia, sclerosis and high age. Kraftvaerk has developed the food system Dankost Pro, a system for managing and handling food products.

12 % savings

After the implementation of Dankost Pro, the food budget has been reduced by 12 %, equivalent to 13,000 DKK per month, which the kitchen can instead use to increase food satisfaction.

20 % more time

Now that everything has been systematised, the kitchen manager spends one day less on recipe handling every week. This means that the chef today has 20 % more time to innovate and develop recipes.

Less food waste

What is being prepared in the kitchen, is also served. Much more is eaten of the menus served, because they have been ordered based on individual needs. All in all, food waste is reduced to a minimum.

If we're going to need 300 liters of sauce, that's what is made. No more, no less. If you make too much, you freeze the rest, which requires packaging, space, time and energy. If you make too little, then you spend the day and resources on making the same dish twice. If you make the exact amount of food, as we do now, then the working hours in the kitchen are organised optimally. The secret is that the system converts recipes into liters rather than servings. When the food matches as it does now, it's much smarter.

— Brian Pedersen, head of the production kitchen at the municipality of Rebild

From handwritten notes and calls to a single system

Handling of recipes and number of servings was previously done via manual processes, phone calls and handwritten notes in Mayland calendars, but everything is now 100 % digital. With digitalisation, the kitchen has become streamlined to a degree so there is now time available to develop new recipes and experiment with, for example, soft food diets. The risk of manual errors and mistakes has been significantly reduced as well.

It was quite a mouthful for some in the kitchen to have to adapt from manual processes to the digital system. But we got all the necessary support through a competent support team from Kraftvaerk Foodtech. Now that everything is up and running, we only see benefits. Every time we produce a serving, we know that there has been no waste associated with production. We also know that someone has asked for this particular dish and is actually going to eat it. We even have the option to add proteins to the food for an individual citizen in case of wound healing, if that is what is required.

— Brian Pedersen, head of the production kitchen at the municipality of Rebild

How Dankost Pro optimises the production kitchen in the municipality of Rebild

  • Every week, the kitchen staff selects 14 main courses and 14 side dishes that match with seasonal ingredients – out of the 1,200 recipes stored in the system.
  • The menu comes to order in the web shop, which is an integral part of Dankost Pro.

  • Before the next Monday at 9:00 a.m., the municipality's centres place their orders along with any special requests.

  • The orders are converted to the right amount of food to be purchased, delivered and placed in stock in a single round.

  • Production plans are organised in the system and packaged along with the recipes.

  • The food is made on the same day it is to be served and delivered in individual servings.

  • A smart label on the individual serving indicates exactly what the citizen is going to eat.

People have different taste buds and needs – all through their lives

Anyone who has had guests for dinner knows that there are some who don’t eat meat, some who are allergic to almonds and maybe others who eat gluten-free. It may be inconvenient, but it is nothing compared to the amount of notes to be made, when the production kitchen in the municipality of Rebild is serving food to just under 300 people every day, who – fortunately – have the opportunity to eat what they want. Unless you organise everything in a system. Dankost Pro is designed for kitchen staff to spend their time in a better way, while ensuring that all stakeholders can get an overview of budget control, staffing requirements, production plans and content declarations.

When you work with food, like we do, quality assurance is a necessity. Food inspections have become much more rigorous, and we must be able to document what we serve down to smallest grain of salt. Today, a curry is not just a curry. A curry must be defined with ingredients and its content declared. With a system like Dankost Pro, we can upgrade the entire product catalogue to guarantee that the supplier's instructions match the product numbers, the citizens, relatives, food inspections and even we ourselves are always in sync with what we serve.

— Brian Pedersen, Leder, Rebild Kommunes Produktionskøkken

Intelligent integrations

Kraftvaerk has developed the food system Dankost Pro, a system for managing and handling food products. Since 2011, Dankost Pro has met the needs of the food industry and is currently used by more than 200 food producers in the Nordic region. It is Kraftvaerk Foodtech, a part of the Kraftvaerk Group, who is responsible for the implementation of Dankost Pro.

Shall we develop together?

Anders Olsson

Senior Manager